Tackling the HPAT

Since the introduction of the Health Professions Admission Test in 2009, Yeats College has been extensively researching this compulsory assessment for entry to an Irish Medical College.

This research has culminated in the development of a comprehensive and invaluable preparation course for those who are facing the HPAT exam on February 25th.

The Yeats College HPAT Research Centre consists of a team of medical and mathematical experts as well as students who have previously sat the examination.Course tutor, Dr Eamonn O’Shea of the Claddagh Medical Centre, emphasizes the necessity for students to start their preparation early.

“The time for preparation is now, well ahead of the examination” he said. “The most important thing in the days leading up to the test is to have a clear head and plenty of sleep. The bottom line is that studying late into the night wont work for this examination, being refreshed is far more beneficial” he added.

Fellow tutor, Dr Jonathan McLaughlin, also offers the following piece of advice to students.

“The principal objective which a candidate must have when tackling any question on the HPAT exam is to identify as quickly as possible the key points or parcels of information which are contained in the stimulus provided in the question” he said.

Dr Mc Laughlin introduces many useful techniques in the Yeats College HPAT preparation course booklets. These skills include the ability to develop a forensic style of reading, to scan the question before reading the text, and to determine whether or not a piece of information is relevant or superfluous to the question.