Leaving Certificate Exam Review – Chemistry

By Dr. Martina Audley McDonagh Students should be happy with this year’s paper; initially students may have been surprised to see so many images, photographs, tables and graphs on the exam paper but on further inspection the paper offered a wide range of questions. Section A was very manageable with Wrinklers method as Question 1. […]

Leaving Cert Exam Review – Agricultural Science

by Rory McShane The 2019 Agricultural Science exam was interesting with less of a focus on a broad range of topics and more of an in-depth focus of a few. There were no questions on the pig which at the least has been examined in question 1 and 9 of recent years. There was a […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review – Construction Studies

by Tomas Callanan Construction Studies exam paper 2019 would have left students feeling very satisfied and happy. This paper focused on a wide range of relevant areas. The compulsory Question 1 Scale Drawing Question was a very approachable question with higher order students being adequately challenged with a “insert vertical larch cladding above the door […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review – Art

by Joanne O Malley The 2019 Art exam was a well-rounded, fair paper which offered a good choice to students. In Section I (Art in Ireland) students were asked to discuss two Irish Stone Age monuments. This allowed students to discuss Newgrange passage grave.  With the recent archaeological discoveries in the Boyne Valley during the […]

by Shauna Mujic and Mary Kelly. Overall, a balanced paper, in line with other subjects. Students were required to think on their feet and use and adapt the information they have learned. Short questions (section 1): A nice mix of questions from all units, some requiring quite a lot of detail. Students will have welcomed […]

Leaving Cert Review -French

The French higher paper was a topical paper which covered relevant issues and overall students seemed quite happy with it. Both reading comprehensions were manageable with the 1st reading comprehension a bit more of a challenge. Students would have had to use the strategies learnt during the year such as manipulating their answers, finding synonyms and demonstrating […]

Leaving Cert Exam Review – Biology

by Diane Walsh The higher-level biology paper was very balanced paper with a wide range of topics, giving good choice for all students. The short questions in section A covered a range of topics, the questions were detailed and would require a good knowledge of all aspects of the course. The only question which may […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review – Irish Papers 1 & 2

Higher Level Irish Review by Samantha Hogan Paper One Irish Paper One was a relatively nice paper. The Listening Comprehension was very balanced including Connaught, Ulster and Munster Irish. There were a wide range of topics on the CD from Wild Atlantic Way to the achievements of the Dublin football team. The listening exam was […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review Maths(O) Papers 1 & 2

Maths Ordinary Level Review by Tomás Keane Paper 1 – A fair, straightforward paper, with accessible language and no unexpected twists. Students from Yeats College were pleasantly surprised with Paper 1. They were happy with the concepts that appeared and they felt prepared for the paper. Thankfully, none of the questions were exceptionally challenging for […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review -Maths Paper 2

Maths – Higher Level – Paper 2 The theme of paper one higher level Math followed through to paper two. It was a well laid out accessible and manageable paper. It rewarded the consistent hard working student. The expected Trigonometric proof came up and the easy construction of the Orthocentre was a nice addition to […]