There were scenes of jubilation at Yeats College Galway and Waterford as students received their Leaving Certificate results on Tuesday. Results achieved by the students in this year’s examinations were exceptional, with a large number delighted to have been offered their first choice College course when the CAO offers were made on Thursday. The Yeats […]

Just a few points to note prior to the issuing of Leaving Certificate results on Tuesday; Student MUST pre-register on If you do not register you will NOT be able to access the range of online services available on the portal. The application to view scripts; the viewing of scripts marked online, the appeal […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review – Accounting

by Mary Kelly Overall, a fair and balanced paper with a nice choice of questions which students were happy with. Section 1: Students were pleased to see the Company Final Accounts appear as Question 1. There were a couple of reasonably challenging adjustments in this question, which required students to think on their feet. There […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review – Economics

by Shauna Mujic Overall, students were pleased that the Economics paper was fair, approachable, student friendly and topical. Section A (short questions): The short questions were possibly the more challenging element of this exam, with some new types of questions, such as the difference between a Free Trade Area and a Customs Union and students […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review – Phys/Chem

By Katrina Davitt A well laid out paper with familiar questions that would have put students at ease. Physics The short questions were straight forward with topics that had been covered in previous papers, this meant students who had practised exam papers were well within their comfort zone. The long questions contained no major surprises […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review – DCG

by Tomas Callanan Approachable paper with architecture the main theme of the paper with hurling and Joe Canning making an appearance. A very good paper,  will challenge the higher order students in Section B. Section A followed an architecture theme with three out of the four questions based on famous buildings, an example of this […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review – Physics

by Marian Lowry The experiment questions in Section A, the first section of the exam were very much in line with those posed for students in previous years. Any student who had taken the opportunity to practice previous exam questions and mock papers would have been happy with the choice provided. This section would have […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review- Art

by Joanne O’Malley The 2019 Art exam was a well-rounded, fair paper which offered a good choice to students. In Section I (Art in Ireland) students were asked to discuss two Irish Stone Age monuments. This allowed students to discuss Newgrange passage grave.  With the recent archaeological discoveries in the Boyne Valley during the 2018 […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review – Spanish

by Dr. Eoin Barrett The 2019 Leaving Certificate Spanish Higher Level paper was consistent with previous years in terms of the style of the comprehension topics examined and overall level of difficulty, and the majority of students seemed happy with the paper and their exam-day performance. The first long comprehension or ‘Journalistic Text’ related to […]

Leaving Certificate Exam Review – Chemistry

By Dr. Martina Audley McDonagh Students should be happy with this year’s paper; initially students may have been surprised to see so many images, photographs, tables and graphs on the exam paper but on further inspection the paper offered a wide range of questions. Section A was very manageable with Wrinklers method as Question 1. […]