At Yeats College, we offer students the following courses:

  • A one year intensive Leaving Certificate programme
  • A two year Leaving Certificate programme designed for fifth year students
  • Intensive revision courses at Christmas and Easter for both Junior and Leaving Certificate Programmes
  • Oral preparation courses
  • HPAT courses
  • Pre-medical courses
  • Intensive One Day courses in Biology and Maths
  • Summer Language Courses – Irish and French
  • Maths Academy – higher level
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We now offer three summer courses, our Irish and French language courses and we are delighted to announce the introduction of our Project Maths Academy. Our Summer schools are a focal point in the Yeats College academic year.
These unique courses provide students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the many facets of their respective subjects. This course is designed to ensure you obtain valuable academic and extra-curricular skills. Pre- Junior Certificate students will also enjoy recreational activities through French and Irish in the afternoons.

5th Year/Two Year Programme

Starting in a new school, making new friends and beginning their studies in a diverse range of subjects can be a daunting challenge for incoming fifth years. However, every year our students rise to the challenge of Senior Cycle and they approach their studies with diligence and vigour. Our fifth year students demonstrate a wide range of skills over the course of their first year. They participate in various events designed to cultivate camaraderie and teamwork. Our Christmas concert is always one of the year’s highlights. All of our school community work together to create an evening full of festive cheer and goodwill.
The annual school tour is always a high point in our school calendar. This year our fifth years travelled to Italy on a Ski -trip. The student’s behavior was exemplary and teachers were hugely impressed with the way the students conducted themselves. Fifth year students participate in a range of activities including, rugby, soccer, debating and science. The debating club was a great success and we held an end of term debate that generated great discussion and at times heated exchanges! For the third year running Yeats College received outstanding success at Sci- Fest. This competition, held annually provides a sterling opportunity for students to creatively engage with the sciences. Sci- fest is a series of one-day science fairs for second-level students. The students organise a number of fundraising projects throughout the year. Our fifth years hold an annual bake sale in aid of Chroi.

6th Year Programme

First time sixth year students can opt to take up new subjects or continue with previous subjects. An important component of sixth year is career guidance. We believe that when a student finds their primary interest area, and this is combined with good quality teaching, they are motivated and focused. These are the essential ingredients for success.
All material that is covered in class is also condensed into concise yet comprehensive notes which students use for study. Our classes are small in size so teachers can tailor classes to suit all individuals.

Repeat Leaving Cert

For many students the decision to repeat the Leaving Cert at Yeats College is the best one they ever make. The study skills, motivation and self-belief that they gain stand the test of time when they secure their preferred course in college.

Mature Students

Yeats College welcomes mature applicants and encourages their pursuit of study. Previous mature students have come from a variety of backgrounds – some have left school early with little educational qualifications. Others have completed a previous Leaving Certificate but did not achieve their full potential. Some have re-evaluated their future career prospects as current employment opportunities contract within various industry sectors. Whatever the reason for reconsidering your education, Yeats College welcomes you.
What Can Yeats College Offer the Mature Student?

The Educational Experience

Mature students have a different perspective on the learning experience as they are more focused and highly motivated. They excel within the Yeats College culture as the teacher-led independent learning provides an environment for them to achieve at the highest level.

Careers Advice

A dedicated Careers Advisor assists mature students through the process of CAO applications. Often mature students are happy to spread their options widely and apply for courses, particularly high demand courses, to the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America. These very competitive courses accept students with the highest academic ability, the most outstanding personal statements and a well delivered interview. To that end, assistance with personal statements and mock interviews of a highly professional nature are provided.