Sixth Year

Sixth Year

We offer students the option of a one year intensive programme. Students at Yeats College can select their choice of subject without timetable restrictions, allowing them to study the subjects that they have a passion for and that will feature in their future careers. At Yeats College, all subjects are completed within a one year cycle thus allowing students to study subjects for the first time.

All Of Our Courses Include:

  • Inspirational teaching
  • Exceptional learning environment
  • Unlimited subject choices
  • The option to change subject mid-cycle if required
  • Hour-long exclusive classes
  • Learning and revision strategies
  • Fortnightly assessments
  • Individualised study skills
  • Comprehensive career guidance
  • Aptitude training
  • Continuous parent-college interaction
  • Career strategy exploration programme
  • Strictly monitored study setting
  • Continous motivation
  • Extra-curricular activities programme

One Year Leaving Certificate Course

Yeats College offers an intensive one year programme for first time and repeat Leaving Certificate students. A comprehensive range of subjects are offered to the students from which they can select their choice of subject without timetable restrictions. This enables students to choose subjects most suited to their individual abilities.

A major part of the Yeats College curriculum is centred on study skills. A comprehension of the material does not always translate to examination performance if the student is unable to structure and regulate their revision effectively.

Study skills provided include:

  • Stress management
  • Concentration and listening skills
  • Revision and memory aids
  • Effective note taking
  • Motivation
  • Grade targets


Our study skills seminars involve developing the techniques and attitude necessary to cope with the rigorous workload of the Leaving Certificate exams.

At Yeats College, we have an integrated teaching model whereby teachers follow a common, structured revision schedule which aids students’ retention and reinforcement of key concepts.

We provide:

  • Regular assessment tests
  • Revision worksheets
  • Detailed revision schedules
  • Follow-up action


Continual assessment is a major feature of life at Yeats College. Under continual assessment students take part in:

  • Mock Leaving Certificate examinations in November, Christmas and February
  • Monthly assessments in every subject


The results of all academic assessments are available to parents through our student portal VSWare; parent-teacher meetings are also held following major examinations.