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It is not surprising that so many International Students study in Ireland. Indeed there are many reasons for this. We know the value that you place on your education and this means that you are not influenced by cultural promises alone, you demand and deserve only the best.

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You can see the value that an Irish private school and third level education can offer, with internationally renowned qualifications, highly respected universities, and a wide variety of graduate career opportunities.

Ireland has emerged as a centre of excellence and a global leader in the provision of education, adding significant value to the careers of the 200,000 international students that choose Ireland each year. The Irish education system is a worldwide center of excellence and a global leader in the provision of education. The International student will see the value that an Irish private school and third level education can offer, with internationally renowned qualifications, highly respected universities, and a wide variety of graduate career opportunities.

The Leaving Certificate is the Irish State second level examination used for the purposes of selection of university education. The course provides students with a broad and balanced education while allowing for some specialisation. It is viewed by many in Europe as the gold standard in pre-university preparation, similar to the UK A-Levels, and allowing students to study six subjects to a very advanced level.

Yeats College offers an inclusive and innovative English Language Support Programme for all International Students who are studying the Leaving Certificate curriculum. This programme has been designed to not only help students access curriculum subjects at Leaving Certificate level but also to enhance and improve their English Language levels. Furthermore, students partake in numerous activities and events throughout the course of the academic year which further enriches their educational experience in Ireland.

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