How are you getting on? 

This is your big year and with that comes ambition and opportunity. At this point, many students are working well and settled back into school. For some however, the initial drive and ambition can fade with vital weeks lost.

This is the time when many students over the years have become part of the Yeats College story.

Here at Yeats College, we have returned to school with passion and pride in our work. The first term is now underway, and pupils, both new and returning, are enthusiastic and eager to achieve their learning goals. Momentum is everything and at this point in the year your learning should and be both exciting and consistent.

There is an incredible atmosphere of curiosity and study at Yeats College. Students experience real energy, laughter, and a lovely camaraderie that rings out from the restaurant and the corridors.

Welcoming Students to Yeats College

We would like to welcome our students who have joined us at Yeats College Galway in recent weeks from Milan, Italy; Toulon, France; Beijing, China, Los Angeles, United States of America and also closer to home, from Mayo, Longford, Leitrim, Westmeath and Galway City and County Galway.

In Yeats College Waterford, we welcomed students from Wexford, Kilkenny and Waterford City.

At Yeats College, we do everything we can to help you succeed, both academically and personally. Remember, new students regularly join us throughout the academic year. A warm welcome awaits you.

Whenever you are ready, so are we.