5th Year Trip to Italy

Our fifth year students travelled to Italy this year for our annual school trip. We travelled to Lavarone in the North of the country. As we travelled the meandering roads deep into the hills of the Alps excitement grew until we finally reached our destination. The scenery was stunning. Snow-capped mountains nestled between rolling green hills provided the backdrop for the adventure of the next few days. The skiing was excellent and each day we all grew in confidence as we traversed red, blue and even black slopes. Each day we returned to our hotel exhausted and with aching muscles but ready for the next stage of our adventure. We enjoyed an activity each evening, ranging from bowling, a table quiz and even a disco which was great craic!

The memories we created in Italy will last forever. The experience of travelling away together as a group has led to a strengthened bond within the fifth year group. Our trip to Lavarone was, without a doubt, one of the many highlights of our school year so far.