Yeats College Waterford Information Evenings

Yeats College, Waterford’s number one provider of students to Universities and Colleges, will be holding a number of information evenings in your area over the coming weeks. Please check back or call 051 304211 for further details

Yeats College Waterford Information Evening

Yeats College, Waterford’s number one provider of students to Irish Universities, will be holding a number information evenings in your area over the coming weeks. These evenings will offer students the opportunity to learn more about the exceptional results; outstanding teachers and the choices available to them if they choose Yeats College for their Leaving, or pre-Leaving, Certificate years.

Yeats College offers students the option of a two year programme comprising of fifth and sixth year; or a one year intensive programme for sixth year students.

The one year programme provides students with a comprehensive range of subjects from which they can select their choice of subject without timetable restrictions. This enables students to choose subjects most suited to their individual abilities. At Yeats College, all subjects are completed within a one year cycle thus allowing students to study subjects for the first time.

Students of the two year programme use fifth year to receive a thorough grounding in their chosen subjects, with approximately 80 percent of the course being covered in fifth year alone. The students also undergo personal development programmes which include educational trips and lots of project work.

A major part of the Yeats College curriculum is centred on study skills, and some of the study skills provided include stress management; concentration and listening skills; revision and memory aids; effective note taking; and motivation.

The college also places a great deal of emphasis on the career guidance department. Principal Anne McGrath commented that, “Here at Yeats College, we appreciate that many important even life-changing decisions must be made during students’ final year at school. For this reason, the College has a dynamic, innovative career guidance department which offers students continuous support and counseling regarding any career queries they may have”.

Students of Yeats College receive a structured revision schedule which aids students’ retention and reinforcement of key concepts. They are provided with regular assessment tests, revision worksheets, detailed revision schedules and follow-up action. Continual assessment is a major feature of life at Yeats College with students taking part in monthly assessments in every subject and mock Leaving Certificate examinations in February and in the final term. Supervised study is provided from nine in the morning to nine at night. The quiet, studious environment means students can get all their work done in school, and then enjoy quality free time at home.

Students from outside the Waterford region are catered for in accommodation where landladies look after transport to and from school as well as providing meals for the students. The motorway between Kilkenny and Waterford now offers students from Kilkenny and surrounding areas a reduced commute time of approximately 20 minutes eliminating accommodation costs. Further details on accommodation and transport links will be available at the information evening and also through contacting the college directly.

For details of the information evening in your area contact Yeats College on 051-304211 or visit