Leaving Certificate Exam Review -Maths Paper 2

Maths – Higher Level – Paper 2

The theme of paper one higher level Math followed through to paper two. It was a well laid out accessible and manageable paper. It rewarded the consistent hard working student. The expected Trigonometric proof came up and the easy construction of the Orthocentre was a nice addition to the paper. Students just had to remember that if one of the angles in the triangle was obtuse the orthocentre was outside the triangle.

Higher level Maths students faced a paper with no traditional Statistics which was embraced by the more problem solving critical thinking students. Section B was straightforward and would have rewarded the student who practice trigonometric and volume themed questions. Students were well prepared for the expected inferential Statistics questions.

This paper rewarded the consistent worker and provided challenges in the right parts of the questions to enable students to feel confident to push through to the end. Compared to previous years this paper will send out a positive vibe about future students considering the uptake of this subject.