Leaving Certificate Exam Review – Irish Papers 1 & 2

Higher Level Irish Review by Samantha Hogan

Paper One

Irish Paper One was a relatively nice paper. The Listening Comprehension was very balanced including Connaught, Ulster and Munster Irish. There were a wide range of topics on the CD from Wild Atlantic Way to the achievements of the Dublin football team. The listening exam was manageable for the majority of students, while also including an appropriate challenge for students with a very advanced level of the language.

The writing section of the paper had something for everybody! Topics ranged from unrest between political countries to the life as a second level student. There really should have been no complications for anybody given the wide choice of titles.


Paper Two

Paper Two is always the more gruelling exam! The wording in the prose, poetry and novel was very straightforward this year and should not have posed any problems for students. The questions were very student friendly in the literary section and, as is the case every year, will reward students who have an excellent knowledge of all prescribed topics on the course and will catch out students who have decided to cut the course! The comprehensions