Leaving Certificate Exam Review – DCG

by Tomas Callanan

Approachable paper with architecture the main theme of the paper with hurling and Joe Canning making an appearance.

A very good paper,  will challenge the higher order students in Section B. Section A followed an architecture theme with three out of the four questions based on famous buildings, an example of this is the AOL building in Dublin, where students were asked to draw its distinctive hyperbolic curved shape. In this section Joe Canning and the hurling pitch made an appearance as students created a perspective view of the pitch and were asked to find the true height of the hurling posts.

In Section B Axonometric, Conic Sections and Intersecting Planes were the options for students. All questions had challenging ending parts but the questions were well written and allowed the weaker students to access the earlier parts of these questions.

In Section C the Optional Areas, those who studied Structural Forms would be disappointed as the three year rotation of the three areas ended, with Surface of translations appearing instead of Hyper of Revolution.  The other optional questions were very approachable and students would be very happy with this section.

Overall this year’s DCG 2019 would be very achievable for students who learned the principles of the subject rather than cutting the course. As nearly all topics appeared on this year’s paper.