Leaving Cert Exam review



Higher Level Maths Paper 1

The higher level Maths paper one was a very fair paper. It contained some very straightforward questions but also included challenging sections. Section A was very accessible and would have calmed any nervous student. The layout of the paper was such that students could continue with a question even if they struggled with one part of it.
Section A contained questions covering algebra, calculus, functions and complex numbers. The proof that √2 is irrational was asked, as expected. Also, a proof by induction involving inequalities appeared for the first time.
Section B consisted of three questions. Surprisingly, the first question was on Sequences and Series. Part of the question may have challenged some students. Students who had the experience and practice of approaching problem solving questions would have had the skill set to work through this question.
Questions 8 and 9 were a welcome bonus for any consistent, hard-working student. Question 8 was based on a Trigonometric function and students were asked to use calculus to find a minimum turning point. Question 9 was an area and volume question which, again, required students to use calculus to find a turning point.
Overall, students were very happy with the paper. They had no problem completing it in the given time. Those who had worked consistently were rewarded with a challenging but accessible paper.

Aisling Kenny & Marian Lowry