Over the month of December, we decided to hold different events to raise money for SVP as they were helping many of the people affected by the horrendous flooding in November.

The fifth year group decided to have a denim day in the school where students and teachers wore denim on Friday the 11th of December 2009. We collected €2 from each student and teacher that participated in the event.

We organised a 24 hour fast in the school on Wednesday the 16th of December. Students wearing red ribbons on the day of the fast super seeded the number we had expected. It was a massive success as many students felt that their day without food was for a good cause, especially thinking of those people who had no homes to spend their Christmas in as they were destroyed by the flooding. This event raised a whopping €2,380.

Finally, we organised a Christmas Concert on the 22nd of December where students from the fifth year and leaving certificate classes performed at our third annual concert. Rehearsals were held after school and at lunchtime where teachers and students gave up the quality time to have everything right for the night. Over two hundred of our students were in attendance. The atmosphere was electric where dancers, musicians and singers all preformed pop songs, country and western and rock songs on stage. The night finished off with the entire fifth year group singing Christmas songs leaving a hint of the Christmas cheer in the air. The Christmas Concert and the raffle on the night raised €1,120. It was a huge success and enjoyed by all.

All of the events held in the school raised a final total of €4,000. We are very proud of all the students and staff in Yeats College for their unbelievable achievements over the month. There was a wonderful effort made by all involved. Well done!