Exam Review: Maths

Written by Yeats higher level Mathematic teacher Aisling Kenny Naughton

Friday afternoon’s Maths paper 1 was a very straightforward exam. Section A consisted of six questions and students were required to answer five. The questions included complex numbers, algebra, functions and calculus. Students were very happy to see a question on differentiation from first principles.

Students were required to answer three of the four options in Section B. Question 7 was a mix of financial maths and calculus. Question 8 was a very straight forward functions question and students were well prepared for this. Question 9 was very different type of question that required students to deal with formulae. It also included a rates of change part. Question 10 was very straightforward and included differentiation and integration.

Overall, students were delighted with the paper and relieved that it was not similar to last year.

Monday morning’s Maths paper 2 was slightly more challenging, which was expected after such a straightforward Paper 1.

Section A included a variety of topics with questions on the line, the circle, trigonometry, probability, statistics and geometry. Question 4 was very welcomed by students as it consisted of a theorem and a construction. Question 7 in section B was a very nice question consisting of inferential statistics and probability. Question 8 was based on area and volume with a geometric component. Question 9 involved coordinate geometry of the circle, which is unusual to see in Section B. However, students found it very manageable. Question 10 was a mix of geometry, trigonometry and arrangements. Section B of paper 2 was the most challenging part of the overall exam.

However, in general, students were happy and felt they had been given the opportunity to display their knowledge of the subject.