Exam Review – Irish Paper 2

Irish Paper Two was a very fair paper without any major twists or turns. Students were very happy with the exam paper content.

The first comprehension was based on the life and legacy of John Hume. The second comprehension was based on the year 2020 and it’s headlining stories, encompassing everything from Black Lives Matter to the future of our planet. Both texts  were an interesting read and students will have had little or no difficulty in understanding the texts.

The 6(a) and 6(b) questions accompanying both texts were  very student-friendly and have appeared many times in previous years. And let’s not forget that students were only required to answer on one text, therefore time was of the essence!

This year students selected a question from either Prós or Filíocht. Two long general questions appeared with Oisin i dTír na nÓg and Dís. Géibheann and An Spailpín Fánach were the two poems on the paper. The questions on both poems were very manageable and really didn’t deviate from the types of questions students will be familiar with from their exam papers. Once again, there was huge choice and an abundance of time thanks to the exam modifications.

Finally, our favourite part of the Irish course? A Thig Ná Tit Orm! A wonderful question on the life events of Maidhc Dainín and his community, when he was growing up in the Kerry Gaeltacht.

Well done to all students for the hard work during the year and best of luck in the remaining exams,

Samantha x