Exam Review – French

By Andrea Barrett

The French written paper carried themes of the effects of COVID 19. The journalistic text was based on online learning, while the literary style text spoke about a young man with a disability. In the written section the layout was different to previous years due to the amendments for the 2021 exam. In the obligatory question 1 there was a choice of three. The questions asked about technology, disability and travel.

The remaining questions 2-6 offered a wide variety of choice. The diary entry appeared in its usual Question 2 spot, which would have pleased many students. This was based on being a musician giving concerts online. There was also a choice of an informal email about having difficulty practising sport during lockdown. Other topics which students could have chosen from were buying second-hand goods, healthy eating and the pleasures of reading.

The pace and questions of the listening comprehension were in line with previous years.

Overall, a nice paper with a lot of choice for students.