Exam Review – Design & Communication Graphics

by Tomas Callanan.

Pleasant paper with a lot of choice and time on their side to make the correct decision in this year’s DCG exam.

In this year’s paper, students had to answer only two long questions in the amalgamated Sections B and C. This gave students a bit of a headache in terms of choice as the same number of questions were presented as in previous years.

In Section B and C, the usual topics like Orthographic Projection, Intersecting Planes, and Axonometric projection being asked in Section B. Each question had challenging aspects to them which would suit a Higher-order student. In Section C Optional Areas, students who studied their respective areas would not have been disappointed as they were very approachable.

In Section A the short questions, four questions were presented with students answering three questions. The topics were very similar to previous years with Perspective, Conics Section, Tetrahedron/Dihedral Angle, and Intersecting solids. Students would have been very happy to see these topics on the paper.

Overall this year’s DCG exam was very straightforward with the extra time per question being a great advantage for the 2021 students.