Exam Review: Ag. Science

Written by Yeats College Ag. Science teacher Rory McShane

The 2024 Ag. Science paper provided ample choice for students and presented a very accessible challenge across the board. There was a lot of choice throughout, covering the expected areas of livestock, crops, and soil.

Some old familiar faces also popped up, with questions on forestry and peat soils. The blending of topics such as genetics and beef in the longer questions has made the days of choosing certain topics and forgoing others truly gone.

In general, this paper seems much more settled compared to recent years, finding its stride and presenting an equitable test for those who take up the subject. The focus on the climate crisis, the environmental impacts of farming, and the future of Irish Agriculture is very much at the heart of these new papers.

Congratulations to all who have completed the subject, the project, and now the exam. It’s time to take a well-earned break.