Exam Review 2023 – Home Economics

Reaction by Anna Marie Jennings

The higher-level home economics paper touched on a number of topical issues. It offered students a great variety of choices in the questions offered, especially with the amendments to the paper this year. The short questions served as a nice introduction to the paper and were very approachable overall with a variety of topics that should cater for all students.

The compulsory long question offered some surprise once again as the hotly tipped lipids and carbohydrates did not appear; however, the questions included were straightforward and focused on micronutrients for the third year running, this time looking at iron and calcium. Part (d) looked at shopping on a budget, something all home economics students should have anticipated.

The remaining questions in section B, of which two had to be answered, covered fish, food choices and value-added foods, consumers, and the modern Irish family giving students a great choice and opportunity to show their knowledge. As has become a common theme in the home economics paper, the combination of topics in the questions may have surprised some students.

In section C this year, there was also an additional choice with students able to opt for question 4 (Core Studies); this examined students on meat and gave a choice between answering on expenditure or the microwave – topics that students should have been well prepared for.

The other popular choice of the elective question was elective 3 (social studies). Again this was a very topical question touching on work, poverty and social change.

Overall, students should be happy with the paper as it featured many of the anticipated topics with something for everyone in the paper.