Exam Review 2023 – English Paper One (Ordinary Level)

By Yeats College English Teacher Emily O’Flaherty

Overall, a thoughtfully composed and accessible paper for all. Question A tasks were well-structured with plenty of scope for personal reflection.

In Question B, students were offered the opportunity to give their views on relatable and imaginative tasks including a blog post documenting the first year away from home; a letter to the local newspaper on the issue of Graffiti in their area, and a radio interview with an older person discussing their life experiences.

The Composition Section of the paper was also approachable and engaging and provided further scope for creativity and the application of the five language styles. Titles ranged from personal essays describing “the things in life that you are passionate about” and the “the important people who have had an influence on you”, to a speech arguing for or against the motion that “human beings never learn from their mistakes”.

The two short story options were equally reflective and the article asking students to discuss their views on celebrity culture was especially topical. Overall, a highly accessible and inspiring paper.