Exam Review 2023 – DCG

DCG Leaving Certificate Review by Tomas Callanan

DCG 2023 students will have found the paper “fair with challenging parts to some core questions.”

In this year’s paper, students had a similar situation to the traditional Leaving Certificate DCG paper with the usual set amount of core questions A and B being assessed. The only change this year was Section C, being only assessed on one studied question rather than two.

Typical topics like Intersecting Planes and Axonometric projection being asked in Section B. There was a return of Intersecting Solids in its more traditional format, this topic was assessed on the deferred paper in 2022. Intersecting Planes question would have suited a higher-order student. In Section C Optional Areas, students who studied their respective areas would not have been disappointed as they were very approachable.

In Section A the short questions, four questions were presented with students answering three questions. The topics were with Developments, Conics Section, Oblique Plane, and Intersecting Planes. Students would have been very happy to see these topics on the paper.

Overall, this year’s DCG exam 2023 was fair, with a few high order components to some questions, students who focussed on all core topics rather than cutting the course will have been very happy leaving the exam hall.