Yeats College teaching and learning throughout the pandemic and looking towards September 2020

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic provided an immense challenge to all of us. First and foremost, we send our thoughts and sympathy to all those currently affected by coronavirus.

From the depth of the challenges faced has emerged the incredible resilience and ingenuity of both the staff and students at Yeats College. As the lock-down became imminent and inevitable, we at the College migrated our entire physical class timetable to a completely online virtual school from March 18th. Immersive classes in all subjects and guided learning took place and continued right up to the conclusion of the final term.

I wish to pay tribute to the team of teachers at Yeats College, who created incredible learning experiences for our students. Our classes were delivered through a variety of digital platforms embracing online teaching of all classes, responsive monitoring of learning and homework and ultimately creating a motivated and collaborative learning space where students have maintained their learning structure to flourish academically throughout this challenging time.

At Yeats College, we have learned so much from over three and a half thousand hours of actual online classes. Exceptional teaching in a uniquely motivated environment always embraces the student and now equipped with our Covid-19 experience, we relish the challenge and opportunity that our new term commencing in 2020 brings.