Easter Revision Course

Yeats College Easter Revision Courses

We are delighted to welcome students to our Easter Revision Courses in Galway and Waterford. For over 30 years, our courses have provided students with quality teaching, learning and exam preparation for their Junior and Leaving Certificate exams.

Our courses are designed to provide students with comprehensive and thorough preparation for their Leaving and Junior Certificate examinations.

Our courses offer detailed examination analysis, examination answers and in-depth revision techniques. Each subject has been carefully planned to provide students with a confident understanding of vital examination areas. The revision courses are taught by our enthusiastic and dedicated teachers, who have achieved an outstanding examination success record.

Students will receive printed intensive course notes, including mock examination questions and sample answers. 

Our Easter Revision Course has been designed to include

  • An inspirational teaching and learning experience
  • Motivated learning
  • Effective revision and retention strategies
  • Detailed analysis of key examinations topics
  • Exam preparation and exam technique
  • Strategies for preparing for the June exam in each subject
  • Detailed quality notes in each subject area
Leaving Cert Revision Courses


A detailed course outline is available on the booking page for each course. 

Class times vary between Galway and Waterford please see the booking page of our website for exact times.

Recordings of your courses will be available the week after they finish.

Our Revision Courses notes are designed to be used in conjunction with our classes. Notes are not available to purchase on their own.