2017 French College Dates:

Yeats College is pleased to announce the details of our 2017 French Language Summer School. This course will provide an educational environment where students can thoroughly immerse themselves in the many facets of the French language.

Student learning is facilitated in a setting where students can learn and enjoy themselves simultaneously. The classes are delivered by dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who are specialists in their craft. They are passionate about the language and hold a first rate knowledge of every aspect of the French course curriculum and marking scheme.

This course is designed to ensure you obtain valuable academic and extra-curricular skills. At Yeats College we are firm advocates of a holistic approach to education. A well-rounded education is vital for the student’s academic and social development. Our courses have a strong academic focus, concentrating on key exam topics which are extremely beneficial to Junior and Leaving Certificate students. Students will also enjoy recreational activities through French in the afternoons.


Course Outline

The daily routine of the programme is comprised of morning curriculum based classes and afternoon recreational activities (afternoon activities for Pre-Junior Cert students only.)

The morning classes will be comprised of a focused analysis of exam topics. Topics covered will include oral examination preparation, practice written expression, reading and aural comprehension.

The Oral Examination for Leaving Certificate French is 25% (100m) of the student’s total grade. The Oral exam is approximately 13-15 minutes long and requires the student to demonstrate a precise knowledge of the French language. The Oral preparation classes concentrate on developing the student’s oral fluency in order to maximise exam success.

A coherent written expression is a vital aspect of this course. Students will write across a variety of different mediums including letters, diary entries and postcards. Sample answers and detailed reference notes will be provided to supplement the teaching and learning of the classroom.
Students will work on a variety of different texts in order to develop their reading comprehension skills. Teachers will focus on developing students vocabulary skills in order to achieve a broad range of expression which can then be used to interrogate pieces of text in a meaningful way.
Students will also revise basic grammatical structures in order to ensure complete preparation for written examinations.