Yeats Summer College offers a combination of language and student development courses designed to prepare students for their Junior or Leaving Certificate course curriculum and further develop their post second-level goals.

The Yeats Summer College Courses are:

Yeats Maths Academy  Dates TBC

The Project Maths Academy is a one-week course, which will cover the key topics. This course will provide a suitable learning base from which valuable Mathematical knowledge will emerge. The student will require consistent practice in a given topic to perfect the techniques and skills required to ensure maximum exam success. The Project Maths Academy is available for Pre-Junior Certificate and Pre-Leaving Certificate students.

Irish Summer Course: Dates TBC

This course has a strong examination emphasis. The targeted nature of the course leads to an in-depth analysis of key exam topics which are extremely beneficial to Junior and Leaving Certificate students. The course focus centres on areas such as exam technique, oral exam preparation, essay writing, reading and aural comprehension, prose, poetry and grammar. This course has supported the success of countless students. Our unique approach to teaching and learning ensures students get a valuable understanding of the Junior or Leaving Certificate course curriculum while also engaging with new people. This experience allows the student to interact solely through our national language. Learning a language in this way will nurture a positive and productive relationship with Irish for years to come.

Afternoon Activities (Pre-Junior Certificate only) – as Gaeilge

In order to maximise learning and enjoyment potential, we have divided the timetable to allow for classroom based learning in the morning and recreational activities, through Irish, in the afternoon. We have almost twenty years of experience in preparing second level students for their examinations, and during this time we have been able to identify the variety of career aspirations, hobbies and activities of our students. This knowledge has helped us to develop a programme of unique and exciting activities which are guaranteed to have something for everyone in the audience!

French Language Summer Course: Dates TBC

The daily routine of the programme is comprised of morning curriculum based classes and afternoon recreational activities (afternoon activities for Pre-Junior Cert students only.)

The morning classes will be comprised of a focused analysis of exam topics. Topics covered will include oral examination preparation, practice written expression, reading and aural comprehension.

The Oral Examination for Leaving Certificate French is 25% (100m) of the student’s total grade. The Oral exam is approximately 13-15 minutes long and requires the student to demonstrate a precise knowledge of the French language. The Oral preparation classes concentrate on developing the student’s oral fluency in order to maximise exam success.

A coherent written expression is a vital aspect of this course. Students will write across a variety of different mediums including letters, diary entries and postcards. Sample answers and detailed reference notes will be provided to supplement the teaching and learning of the classroom.
Students will work on a variety of different texts in order to develop their reading comprehension skills. Teachers will focus on developing students vocabulary skills in order to achieve a broad range of expression which can then be used to interrogate pieces of text in a meaningful way.
Students will also revise basic grammatical structures in order to ensure complete preparation for written examinations.