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Business Studies

Junior Cert Business Studies

Exam Brief by Johanne Duffy

There are no choices on the paper and you must attempt each question. There is a huge amount of material that can be asked throughout the 2hr exam. The material is based on 3 strands, Personal Finance, Enterprise and our Economy and I am going to go through each of these strands briefly in this podcast


Leaving Cert Geography

Exam Brief by Johanne Duffy

The higher level LC Geography paper is worth 400 marks and 2hrs 50min in length. You must answer 10 short questions, 1 question from physical, 1 question from regional, an elective question and an option question. You should pay close attention to the timing of each section and adhering to this as this will have a huge effect on your overall mark.


Leaving Cert Economics

Exam Brief by Shauna Mujic

If you read the newspaper or watch a current affairs program you could come across something you might be asked in your exam. Topical issues are vital in the economics exam and the H1 student is required to have knowledge of a range of topical and current economic issues outside of their textbook

Business Studies

Leaving Cert Business Studies

Exam Brief by Shauna Mujic

Higher Level Business Studies is a vast subject with what can seem like an endless amount of content. However, now is the time to get organised, break up your study of the seven sections into manageable chunks, perfect your exam technique and maximise your marks.


Leaving Cert Biology

Exam Brief by Katrina Davitt

One of the biggest challenges is the length of the biology course and the level of detail needed in the exam. The best advice I can give is to include Biology to your daily study plan, even 10 minutes to practice definitions, draw a labeled diagram or to read over an experiment. This will all make a big difference.


Leaving Cert Chemistry

Exam Brief by Dr Martina Audley

This is a very busy time for students. Some advice I give to my own student is to get organised and know what you are doing, create a detailed revision plan and stay healthy by staying hydrated, eating right and exercise. The Chemistry exam has 11 questions each worth 50 marks and you must answer 8 questions. The paper is made or 2 sections with 3 in section A and 8 in section B


Leaving Cert Irish

Exam Brief by Samantha Hogan

I will be sharing a few thoughts on what is the best way to prepare going forward over the remaining weeks and months for paper 1, paper 2 and also the upcoming oral exam.


Leaving Cert English

Exam Brief by Sinead Caslin Cregg

The first bit of advice is to have organised subject notes and have a detailed study timetable as this is demanding time and this will help to structure and organise your workload especially if you are feeling overwhelmed.


Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths

Exam Brief by Aisling Kenny

My biggest advice between now and June is that Higher Level Maths has to be done every single day between now and then. It takes a lot of practice, patience and in put from students whether that means doing homework or revision.

Leaving Cert Ordinary Level Maths

Exam Brief by Tomás Keane

Alongside this podcast is an in depth exam focused guide outlining the ins and outs of the Ordinary Level Maths exam where I will be giving my top 3 tips for the subject.


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