5th Year/Two Year Programme
We use fifth year to give students a thorough grounding in their subjects; we also take them on educational trips and undertake lots of project work. During the last few years, our fifth years have attended many college open days, gone on school tours to France, and have been Award Winners at the Young Scientists Exhibition. We make classes practical and enjoyable for our younger students and cover approximately 80% of the Leaving Certificate curriculum in year one.

6th Year Programme
First time sixth year students can opt to take up new subjects or continue with previous subjects. An important component of sixth year is career guidance. We believe that when a student finds their primary interest area, and this is combined with good quality teaching, they are motivated and focused. These are the essential ingredients for success.
All material that is covered in class is also condensed into concise yet comprehensive notes which students can use for study, and the all important revision. As one would expect every subject is covered 100% and we revise the courses thoroughly too. Our classes are small in size so teachers can tailor classes to suit all individuals.

Repeat Leaving Cert
For many students the decision to repeat the Leaving Cert at Yeats College is the best one they ever make. The study skills, motivation and self belief that they gain stand the test of time when they secure their preferred course in college.