At all times, we endeavour to maintain constant contact with parents or guardians and discuss openly any concerns parents may have or any issues that may arise.

The administrative staff and College management ensure the channels of communication are always kept open. The distinctive nature of the Yeats College experience allows for increased guardianship of the student. The student’s welfare is closely monitored throughout their studies.

In addition to the monthly subject reports, parents are also welcome to meet with the Principal and teachers throughout the year. This close cooperation between parents and the College plays a vital role in the success of our students.

Our proven successful approach is constantly praised by parents and students, who in turn recommend the College highly to their families and friends. This is reflected in our enrolment of the siblings, cousins and neighbours of countless past pupils who have savoured success at Yeats College over the years.Yeats College demonstrates a proven ethos in education that empowers students to face the challenges compelled by education with a confidence and determination that proves invaluable for the students continued intellectual development.