Yeats College is a centre of academic excellence. Located alongside the stunning views of Galway Bay, the old world architecture of the Old Grammar School provides the perfect focal point for educational innovation in Ireland.

Founded in 1992, Yeats College has since built a country-wide reputation for academic excellence. Our campuses both in Galway and Waterford have been at the top of academic leaderboards for many years. Put simply, our reputation as Masters of educational success sees our student community flourish in all their academic endeavours.
Open the door of any Yeats College classroom and you will see groups of focused, immersed students being actively engaged by energetic and motivational teachers. The student’s educational success is nurtured in a learning atmosphere that promotes a solid work ethic and demonstrates a co-operative relationship between students and teachers.

At Yeats College, the focus is on the student and their individual needs and ambitions. Each student is guided through an intensive work programme of proven effectiveness, beginning on the first day of term and ending with their very last Leaving Certificate examination. At Yeats College, our one and two year Leaving Certificate programmes not only provide an access route to third level institutions, they deliver a comprehensive preparation for the challenges of university life. The skills students learn while at Yeats College can be utilized in the workplace, facilitating a continuation of learning into their adult lives.

The college demonstrates unmatched versatility in its approach to teaching and learning. The school offers an exceptionally wide subject choice, flexible timetables, and progressive learning practices. It is this approach to educational innovation that has placed Yeats College on the Leader Boards as one of the top feeder schools to Universities and Colleges.