Two Year Leaving Certificate Course

Our specialised two-year programme for fifth year pre-Leaving Cert students presents new and exciting opportunities.Starting in a new school, making new friends and beginning their studies in a diverse range of subjects, all coalesce to create an experience that is wholly positive. Each September, our students rise to the challenge of Senior Cycle and they approach their studies with diligence and vigour. This impressive work ethic is maintained throughout the year. Our fifth year students demonstrate a wide range of skills over the year. They participate in various events designed to cultivate camaraderie and teamwork.

At Yeats College, extracurricular activities form an integral part of the student’s school life. This year fifth year students participated in a range of activities including, debating and science. The debating club was a great success and we held an end of term debate that generated great discussion and at times heated exchanges! For the third year running Yeats College received outstanding success at Sci-Fest. This competition, held annually provides a sterling opportunity for students to creatively engage with the sciences. Sci- fest is a series of one-day science fairs for second-level students. The success of 2016 was replicated this year with the outstanding success of our students. Eight students participated in the competition. Their hard work and dedication, and the unwavering guidance of their teacher created interesting and thought-provoking projects.

The students are given frequent exposure to various career talks. Our careers department frequently meets with the students to gauge their various career aspirations.

In fifth year at Yeats College, students are offered:

  • Unlimited subject choices
  • No subject restrictions
  • The option to change subjects mid cycle if required
  • Smaller, more exclusive classes
  • Separate examinations
  • Extra-curricular activities programme

In the first of the two years, students gain a comprehensive, thorough knowledge in the core areas of each subject, thus building a solid foundation for the tough year ahead. In the final year of the fifth year programme, students enter into a more advanced level of study with much of the year focusing on specific exam technique and a programme of intensive revision.
At Yeats College, we cherish the responsibility we are given to educate these students at a crucial time in their young lives. We try to ensure that the students’ sense of self-esteem, self-reliance, confidence and academic prowess is enhanced and challenged. Hence we offer a curriculum that incorporates academic, cultural, artistic and athletic aspects of education. Our learning experience leaves students with an engrained confidence, ability to succeed and most of all, happy memories!

Personal and Social Growth:

Another benefit for students embarking on the two year programme at Yeats College is that they have more time to devote to personal development and extra-curricular activities than in the more strictly academic Leaving Cert year.

Therefore, a fundamental feature of our fifth year programme is the personal and social growth of each individual student. This is achieved through:

  • Structured Recreation
  • Sports & Leisure Pursuits
  • Sporting and inter-school competitions
  • Motivational Talks by Guest Speakers
  • Careers Seminars
  • Organised Charity Fundraisers

Sport is a major part of school life with the College putting forward teams to participate in various sporting competitions including Rugby, soccer and Gaelic football. Students at our Galway College will also use our new, fully equipped, state-of-the-art gymnasium and exercise room where aerobics, yoga and tai chi classes will take place. For those who are musically-inclined, the College ceili band will be welcoming fresh faces.

The Yeats College Fifth Years are a tightly-knit group of students from all over Ireland. Many friendships are formed over the course of this year and the students are always confident in progressing to their Leaving Certificate year together.