At Yeats College, we offer students the option of a one-year intensive programme or a two-year programme designed for fifth-year students.

Students at Yeats College can select their choice of subjects without timetable restrictions, allowing them to study the subjects that they have a passion for and that will feature in their future careers. At Yeats College, all subjects are completed within a one year cycle thus allowing students to study subjects for the first time.


All of our courses include:

  • Unlimited subject choices
  • Expert teachers
  • Hour-long exclusive classes
  • Fortnightly assessments
  • Study skills training
  • Comprehensive career guidance
  • Aptitude training
  • Continuous parent-college interaction
  • Strictly monitored study setting
  • Active learning within a motivated study environment


One Year Course

Yeats College offers an intensive one-year programme for the first time and repeat Leaving Certificate students. A comprehensive range of subjects that are offered to the students from which they can select their choice of subjects without timetable restrictions.


Two Year Course

Our specialised two-year programme for fifth year, or pre-Leaving Cert, students is an entirely separate course to the others available at Yeats College. The small number of students in each fifth-year class ensures that each individual student’s needs and concerns are catered for.