Leaving Certificate Construction Exam Review

by Tomas Callanan

Construction Studies exam paper 2022 would have left students in the Class of 2022 very happy. A very current and topical paper with a focus on a wide range of construction and architectural design topics.

This year’s Q1 was a Flat roof, students who continued to study the scale drawing aspect of the course, even though the Q1 is not compulsory this year would have been happy to see a Roof based question being assessed. The Q7 scale drawing was a very uncomplicated and straightforward top of a Stairs detail. Both questions were very approachable questions with higher-order students being adequately challenged by relevant (b) parts. The other questions had a variety of different areas from foundation theory, redesign, design for lifetime use, u-values, environmental sustainability, solar water systems, thermal bridging, and passive design. Students answered only four questions out of 10 questions this year. Choosing the right combination of questions was a challenge for many students.

Other popular questions like the U-values question Q5 followed the recent trend of calculating the thickness of insulation to improve the u-value. The environmental sustainability question Q6 was an excellent combination of features that’s contribute to environmental sustainability and the importance of Health and Wellbeing for the occupants. Finally, Question 10 which is based on Passive design  had a theme of orientation and the importance of thermal mass in a Passive dwelling.

Overall a very relevant approachable paper that students would be very happy with, as they finish their second week of exams.