Dublin: Herbert Park Hotel
Fri 28th June

London: The Shangri-La Hotel
at The Shard,
Sat 29th June

Are you an inspirational teacher?
Do you want to relocate to Galway or Waterford?

Yeats College is holding interviews in Dublin & London.
> Dublin: Herbert Park Hotel, Fri 28th June
> London: The Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, Sat 29th June

This is an opportunity to join a small but influential school with an unrivalled academic record where Teachers and Students are a tight and energised team that focuses on each Student as an individual.

Your Students will remember you as the person that inspired them to realise their complete potential. We are looking to meet exceptional educators that wish to join a collaborative team of Teachers and Students.

Yeats College Founder and Principal, Terry Fahy, is meeting teachers in London and Dublin (by appointment).

If you share Yeats College’s vision and belief that every student once motivated and inspired by teaching excellence can realise their complete potential, email us at educators@yeatscollege.ie.

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Why Yeats College is a great place to work.

Yeats College has a rich legacy of teaching vibrant, curious students, who come from a broad range of backgrounds and display many different abilities and interests. The campuses in Galway and Waterford share the unique DNA of an inspirational teaching staff with a deep respect for critical thinking and educational endeavour.

Yeats College is, first and foremost, a school with an exceptional academic programme. Our results speak for themselves:

  • More than 95% of our students go on to study their programme of choice in colleges and universities.
  • More than 37% of our graduates last year achieved over 500 points. (National average 13.2%)

At Yeats College, we offer one of the best senior cycle school experiences available in Ireland, providing unique opportunities for personal growth and learning. If you visit us, interact with our students, meet our teachers, talk with our alumni and read our materials, you will reach the same conclusion. The College is an exceptional place of motivation and learning, where staff are committed to educating and developing young people who respect and value their potential, and who understand their role as citizens on the global stage.

At Yeats College, our small size is a huge asset. It offers us flexibility in developing and delivering a rich, creative programme that addresses the academic, social and sporting needs of our student body.

We are a community of focused, enthusiastic students and exceptional teachers and educators that embrace a passion to succeed.

We are always looking to welcome experienced and passionate teachers to join our team. If you are interested in finding out more about Yeats College, please forward your CV to educators@yeatscollege.ie