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Maths Academy (5th & 6th Year 2023)

Leaving Cert
20 June, 2022 -
 24 June, 2022

Maths Academy 2022 (5th & 6th Year 2023)

20th – 24th June 2022, 9am – 2pm

The Yeats College Maths Academy will provide a week-long journey of Mathematical discovery, development and dedication. Students will benefit from teaching excellence enabling them to become practiced problem solvers and the next generation of decision makers.

This course will provide a suitable learning base from which valuable Mathematical knowledge and confidence will emerge. The student will experience consistent practice and training in a variety of topics. This training is designed to teach the techniques and skills required to enable maximum exam success.

Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced, passionate professionals who always go that extra mile to ensure that students of all levels perform to the best of their abilities. Our teachers are available to their students; they encourage questions and deliver the answers; and most importantly, they provide the values and life skills that are essential for a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Topics will be taken from the following: 

Paper 1 topics: 

  • Algebra
  • Functions
  • Differentiation

Paper 2 topics: 

  • Coordinate Geometry of the Line
  • Coordinate Geometry of the Circle
  • Trigonometry
  • Probability

Exam questions, practice and technique.

Our unique approach to teaching and learning ensures students get a valuable understanding of the Maths course curriculum while also engaging with new people.

    Our Maths Academy provides: