Saturday 25th April 2020

 This intensive revision course will provide the ideal pathway to exam success in Maths at Leaving Cert. The introduction of Project Maths is a welcome addition to a contemporary Maths syllabus. Our teachers have specifically designed this course to cater for all the relevant areas of the Leaving Certificate Maths curriculum.

We feel that the most exciting aspect of the study of Maths is that it challenges the student’s knowledge of individual topics. This course will challenge the student’s ability to think laterally to solve a problem. The student will require consistent practice in a given topic to perfect the techniques and skills required to ensure maximum exam success.

This course will empower students and enable them to take control of their studies in a meaningful way.

Course Content:

  • Sequences and Series
  • Logs and Indices including a focus on problem-solving questions involving exponential functions.
  • Graphs of Functions including Trigonometric functions

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Course fee: €140