Congratulations to the many students who have already received conditional offers from some UK institutions ( and if you have received one over the last few weeks please let me know).

It is a wonderful accomplishment to have achieved an offer at his stage and it will certainly keep you focused as you attempt to fulfill the necessary requirements. If you do manage to turn the conditional offer into an absolute offer in August and you wish to accept this in place of your Irish CAO offer. Please discuss this with me and I will let you know the procedure.

UCAS also has a facility called ‘Clearing’ which posts vacancies in their college system for various courses. It is used by applicants who have not managed to secure a place at university or college for the current year. Anybody can apply for a place in ‘Clearing’, even people who have not applied to UCAS so far.

It begins in August and it can help students to find suitable vacancies on higher education courses: last year more than 17,000 people gained a place during ‘Clearing’. Students from Yeats have been successful in gaining a place in popular courses such as Psychology, Law, Pharmacy, and Architecture through the clearing process. Keep this in mind if you are unsuccessful in your applications to popular courses here in Ireland.

Remember, too that courses in Scotland are eligible for free fees. This information can be accessed through the website and follow the links for ‘Clearing’ and ‘Apply’.