Congratulations! The long wait for results is over and we hope you are pleased with your results. If not, you have a number of options:

  1. The Appeals Process and Viewing Scripts
  2. CAO offers
  3. Key CAO Dates
  4. Deferring an offer
  5. CAO Vacant Places
  6. Funding and Grants
  7. UCAS
  8. European Options
  9. Help & Support 
  10. The Appeals Process and Viewing Scripts
    Upon receiving your results, you may see a grade that might not reflect how you feel you performed in the exam. Fortunately, you are able to view your scripts in any of your subjects, and this can give you a better idea of where you picked up or lost marks in the exam.  There is no charge for viewing your scripts. Once you have viewed your scripts, you will then have the option to appeal your result.

How to apply to view exam scripts? 
Examination scripts are viewed in two different ways depending on how the examination has been marked. Scripts marked on paper will be available for viewing in the school you sat the exams in. This year, a number of subjects were marked online, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, so these scripts must be viewed online.

Regardless of how your script has been marked, the application to view your script will be the same. To apply to view your script, you must submit an application through the Candidate Self-Service Portal. The application for viewing scripts will open at 9am on Wednesday the 14th of August and you must submit your application by 5pm on Friday the 16th of August.

Script viewings will take place between Tuesday the 20th and Wednesday the 21st of August. 

Appealing Your Results
In order to appeal your result, you must make an appeal application through the Candidate Self-Service PortalThe application to appeal will be available from Friday the 16th of August at 5pm and must be completed by 5pm on Thursday the 22nd of August.  

Please note that Appeals Results will be available online in the week ending Friday 20th September. The fee for appealing a Leaving Certificate Examination subject is €40. For the Leaving Certificate Applied, the fee is €15.50 per subject.

For more information on viewing and appealing examination scripts, contact Yeats College.

  1. CAO Offers

The CAO website provides excellent information on the offer and acceptance process and can be accessed by clicking here and watching a short video resource about the CAO Offer and Acceptance Process.

The most frequently asked question is what happens if I accept or reject my Round 1 offer when it may be my second/third choice?

You are still in the CAO system and if you become eligible for a course higher up your preference list, you will be offered that course, regardless of accepting or rejecting a previous offer. Once an offer is made in subsequent rounds, you have the choice to accept it or to remain on your present course choice. However, it is vital to view an offer as your only offer as you have no guarantee of future offers and once the acceptance date is passed, so is the offer.

The CAO process will continue until end September, offering places to eligible students on a weekly basis.

  1. Key CAO Dates
  • CAO Round 1 offers will be available online at 2pm on Thursday the 15th of August.
  • The cut-off points for courses will also be available from 2pm
  • The deadline for accepting a Round 1 CAO offer is Friday the 23rd of August.
  • Round 2 and Round 3 offers will be available on the 28th of August from 10.00am and the 5th of September from 6.00am, respectively.
  • Applicants who have not received an offer will receive another Statement of Application Record.
  1. Deferring a Place 

While a student may receive an offer for their preferred course, they may not yet be ready to enter into third-level education. Some students wish to take a break from education in between the Leaving Certificate and going to college, others want to travel before committing to another few years of study, while others opt to gain work experience before pursuing their third-level course. The reasons can vary greatly and can include sporting commitments or health issues.

Whatever the reason, the student must then contact the college they have been offered a place in and detail the reasons for their deferral. The college will then inform the CAO of the student’s deferral. Most of the time the deferral is approved, but, on rare occasions, it may not be possible.

5. CAO Vacant Places

Each year the CAO has vacant places where not all of the spaces on a course have been filled. The list is definitely worth considering for those who have not accepted/received an offer. To find out more about CAO Vacant Places, click here.

Once the CAO Round 1 Offers have been released (15th of August), the cut-off points for each course will be available on our CourseFinder.

  1. Funding and Grants 

SUSI, Student Universal Support Ireland, is the centralised provider of funding grants to 3rd level students in Ireland. To find out about eligibility and how to apply for a SUSI grant, click here.

SUSI is still accepting applications for the 2019/20 academic year. There is also a wide range of scholarship opportunities available at third-level institutions around the country and you can search them here.

  1. UCAS

Your Leaving Certificate results will be sent to the colleges you have applied to, however, you are advised to scan a copy of your results to the colleges you are particularly interested in.

     Log onto to get information on Clearing

When students call a university or college, they need to have the following:

  • their Personal ID
  • their Clearing number (available from their welcome page in Track)
  • the course code for the vacancy they are interested in
  • details of the subjects they have studied, their results, and a clear understanding of why they want to study that course at that university or college
  1. European Options

Programmes in Europe still open for applications and offer additional choices to students. Please find below a link to information on some degree programmes in mainland Europe (taught through English) which are still open for applications.

  1. Help & Support 
    The Leaving Certificate Results and CAO Offers periods can be exciting but stressful times. There is often a lot of information to digest and sometimes it can be hard to make sense of it all. If you have any concerns, please contact us at Yeats College.