The year that I spent at Yeats College was the best year of my entire second level education. I made really good friends there and many of them are among my best friends now; I think it is because we were all united by work. The teachers were friendly, approachable and always able to answer my questions” Sean Dillane

I completed the Leaving Certificate in one year instead of two and passed all of my exams! How…The wonderful staff and blessed teachers who always taught me to aim high and never give up! Where…you got it right YEATS COLLEGE” Niraj Ladha from Tanzania – Dar es salaam East Africa.

Just a few words about Yeats… it really is one of the best schools out there. I couldn’t have asked for more; the teachers were so helpful to me, whenever there was anything I needed or didn’t understand they were always there without delay. They made me feel right at home. By the end of the two years, I would have considered my teachers to be friends. The facilities were just amazing and the place felt homely. The Yeats experience was definitely one that I will never regret. It was quite possibly one of the best decisions of my life and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to go there. I would recommend Yeats College to anybody” Gerard Browne

It’s a very friendly atmosphere at Yeats College. You have great access to teachers and they are willing to give extra help, especially with exam papers and handouts. It can be tough at times but I found the atmosphere to be friendlier than other schools. The teachers do push you a bit harder which is great when you get the results you need and you do make good friends because you see them so much and get to know them really well” Diarmuid O’Connor

I found that the various classes were extremely exam-focused and taught you basic exam techniques which could be easily applied to all subjects and are often overlooked. The experienced teachers pointed out common pitfalls and were easily approachable if you had difficulty understanding a concept. Personally, the structured hours allowed me to plan out what I wanted to study that specific day while the continuous assessments kept me on my toes. Being surrounded by motivated, like-minded people was beneficial as it drove me to work harder and achieve what I wanted to achieve”. Eva McCabe

Before enrolling in Yeats, I researched private schools available and their statistics and found that Yeats has a long history of success with their results nothing short of amazing every year. This school in my view has the keys to Leaving Cert success that helps students get the choice of course that they would not be able to get in other schools. I went into Yeats feeling nervous but I found the students and staff to be very friendly and helpful. The school has a strict policy of not accepting people that are not motivated to succeed and thus removes unwanted distractions. The key is everyone is there for the same reason which is to succeed.
The school has a great reputation for results and success and this is due to the staff and the setup. Terry Fahy is in my view a brilliant principal and an excellent motivator. The teachers are very motivated and helpful, they focus on what is important and they are very exam orientated which allows you to perform better when it comes to the Exams. Life for a Yeats College student for me was one of good routines, hard work, and determination. The school has regular assessments which aim to help students and the teachers provide feedback and constant motivation which is lacking in other schools. I was not very strong in some subjects and some I had never done before but this did not matter because the teachers helped me and when the results came out I got an A in every subject. I still have many friends that I keep in touch with that I met at Yeats; they too still remember the good times that we had and because we got the courses we wanted to study we are now enjoying college life. I wouldn’t regard myself as particularly intelligent by any means but with some hard work, determination, and focus I achieved 6 A1’s and first round acceptance to study Medicine at any college in the country. I am not writing this Testimonial for any personal gain but I do feel that I owe this College a great deal. I feel that I can give you the best help in choosing whether to go to Yeats because I was once in the position you are now and I achieved my dream through Yeats”. David Alani Medical student NUIG, 600 points 2008.

I just want to say thank you for all you have done to help me over the year. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. It has been a wonderful year and I will certainly never forget it! I have never been as happy in a school as I have been at Yeats College. Everything about it made me feel comfortable and at home. The teachers are amazing and really couldn’t have done more to help.” Yeats College Student, 2009

Five years on from completing my Leaving Certificate, I still credit my third level successes to the excellent skills and education I received at Yeats College. I have since completed my undergraduate commerce degree and business masters at The Smurfit School of business. I am extremely grateful for the guidance, support and results I received while at Yeats and am delighted to read about the college’s ongoing success and expansion in the local and national media.” Yeats College Student, 2004

After my first week in Yeats College, I knew I could achieve my desired goal – medicine. Well, here I am! All the hours of study and pen-pushing finally paid off and I relish in the satisfaction of a job well done.”Yeats College Student, 2009

The dedication, support and motivation of each of the staff is remarkable and enables students like myself to achieve their dreams! With the help of you all, I am now moving to Brighton to study Pharmacy….my dream! For that, I will forever be indebted to you.” Yeats College Student, 2007

The study skills I acquired at Yeats College were extremely beneficial, not only for achieving my desired Leaving Certificate results but also when put into practice at third level. It’s not that they show you some secret, easier way to achieve high points, but they teach you how to manage your time properly and the areas that need to be prioritised. I still use these skills at work”. Yeats College Student, 2000