Yeats Irish Language College


2017 Irish College Dates:
19th June – 30th June 2017
3rd July – 14th July 2017 *

* Please note that our 5th & 6th class Primary course runs from 3rd July – 14th July 2017 only.

Here at Yeats College we get the balance right. We will help you to balance your studies in the morning and balance on the surfboard in the afternoon! 

Our unique approach ensures that you get a valuable understanding of your Junior or Leaving Certificate course curriculum while also learning fun new skills or taking part in adrenaline filled adventure sports all through the medium of Irish.

Curriculum based classes

The curriculum based classes are delivered by qualified second level Irish language teachers who have a proven track record of academic success. They are passionate about the language and hold a second-to-none knowledge of every aspect of the Irish course curriculum and marking scheme.

The daily routine of our Summer Programme encompasses a set range of classes every morning. These classes will centre on topics ranging from oral exam preparation, essay writing and aural and reading comprehension. The oral component of the Leaving Certificate course now comprises 40% (240m) of the student’s total grade.

The Oral exam is approximately 15 minutes long and consists of four parts, reception, poetry reading, description of picture series and a 6-8 minute conversation. All of the elements of the oral exam will be covered during the Summer Course.

The classes will provide a detailed analysis of the essay writing component of the course. Sample essays and structured formats will be provided. The essay is worth a total of 100m in the exam. The materials provided here will prove an invaluable tool for exam success.

Reading and Aural comprehension are an integral element of both Leaving and Junior Certificate Irish. An ability to interrogate the language on a meaningful level is vital for exam success. Students will be taught how to get to the core meaning of a piece of text using increased vocabulary skills and a wide ranging knowledge of current events through the medium of Irish.

The literature section of the Irish course is worth approximately 100 marks. This section gives students the opportunity to thoroughly immerse themselves in the time honoured work of writers and poets writing through Irish. Students will be prepared for this section using comprehensive reference notes and sample answers.


Our course is designed to ensure that you take away valuable academic and extra-curricular skills, lasting friendships and fond memories. The mission at Yeats College is to celebrate and cultivate a love of the Irish language while thoroughly preparing students for their Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations.

Afternoon Activities (Pre-Junior Certificate only)  - as Gaeilge

In order to maximise learning and enjoyment potential we have divided the timetable to allow for classroom based learning in the morning and recreational activities, through Irish, in the afternoon.We have almost twenty years of experience in preparing second level students for their examinations, and during this time we have been able to identify the variety of career aspirations, hobbies and activities of our students. This knowledge has helped us to develop a programme of unique and exciting activities which are guaranteed to have something for everyone in the audience!