Why choose Yeats College

Parents and students alike often speculate about what it is exactly that distinguishes Yeats College from other schools and academic institutions. A defining feature of Yeats College is that the students’ needs are constantly prioritised. At Yeats College, we recognize the unique energy, drive and requirements that each student brings to the school. From the newest student to the most experienced teachers, we are a community of enthusiastic learners; people who value curiosity, commitment, energy and fresh ideas. It is a place where people respect and value each other and demand the best from themselves. Each student attending Yeats College is encouraged to develop a personal goal to strive towards and their progress towards achieving this aim is continually monitored throughout the academic year. With the help of study skills seminars, individually tailored career guidance and a detailed motivational programme, students develop a strong work ethic and self-belief that enables them to succeed. Identifying our students’ personal needs and goals helps us to deliver a student focused approach. So, it is not surprising that for many students, their journey towards success begins at Yeats College.

At Yeats College, we offer Intensive Pre-Leaving Cert, Leaving Cert and Repeat Leaving Courses, all of which include:

• Unlimited subject choice with no timetable restrictions
• Expert, inspirational teachers
• Hour-long classes with limited student numbers
• Intensive Study Skills training to include Stress Management, Concentration skills and Effective Learning techniques
• Comprehensive Career Guidance
• Fortnightly assessments, regular mock examinations and performance feedback
• Continuous Parent-College Interaction throughout the year
• Regular Parent-Teacher Meetings following our in-house exams
• Strictly monitored supervised study – Evenings and Weekend
• State of the art campus with fully-equipped Science Laboratory, Art Studio, Music Room, Construction Workshops, bright air-conditioned Study Halls, Gym, Exercise Room and Student Restaurant *
• A range of Recreation and Leisure activities including football and rugby training, sessions with a conditioning coach, aerobics, yoga, tai chi, charity fundraising events, school tours to Europe and musical concerts *
• Structured welcome programme for incoming students
• Intensive HPAT Preparation Course
• Accommodation & Student Welfare Officer
• A student focused approach within a uniquely motivated environment

* Some services are only available at the Galway Campus

“Yeats College gave me more than just the points I needed for my first choice course. Now that I am in first year of a University Course, I’ve come to realize that I have a head start on my peers because I know how to get my head down and study effectively.” - Yeats College Student