Details for Summer 2018 courses currently not available.

Yeats Summer College offers a combination of language and student development courses designed to prepare students for their Junior or Leaving Certificate course curriculum and further develop their post second-level goals.

The Yeats Summer College Courses are:

Yeats Irish Language College

The Irish Summer Programme offers students a unique opportunity to develop and enhance their knowledge of Irish. The course is unique in the provision of targeted, curriculum-based classes, which are delivered by dedicated and enthusiastic teachers. We also offer Pre-Junior certificate students a wide variety of activities in the afternoons including sport, dance and excursions.

Yeats French Language College

This unique course provides students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the many facets of the French Language. It is designed to ensure you obtain valuable academic and extra-curricular skills. The programme has a strong academic focus, concentrating on key exam topics, which are beneficial for Junior and Leaving Certificate students. Pre- Junior Certificate students will also enjoy recreational activities through French in the afternoons.

Yeats Maths Academy

The Project Maths Academy is a two-week course, which will cover the key topics in the Leaving Certificate course. This course will provide a suitable learning base from which valuable Mathematical knowledge will emerge.The student will require consistent practice in a given topic to perfect the techniques and skills required to ensure maximum exam success. The Project Maths Academy is available for Pre-leaving Certificate students only. For all full breakdowns of topics, please see You can also contact the school directly on 091-533500 or email

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