Maths Academy


Monday 12th June – Friday 16th, June 2017

At Yeats College our highly qualified, professional and passionate teaching staff will deliver successful strategies for maximum achievement at  Leaving Certificate. Maths is a subject that has undergone huge change in recent years.The teachers of Yeats College stand ready to accommodate this change.


Project Maths


This course is for students of higher level Leaving Certificate Maths. This course aims to provide a suitable learning base from which worthwhile and valuable Mathematical knowledge will emerge. The academy will cater for students with varying levels of ability. The most exciting aspect of the study of Maths is that it challenges the student’s knowledge of individual topics. The Project Maths element of the course challenges the student’s ability to think laterally to solve a problem. The student requites lots of practice questions to perfect the techniques and skills required in these topics but understanding how and why they all work will always be the first step to answering any exam question.

The course will empower students who excel at mathematics, and will also help students who are severely challenged or haven’t connected with the subject. This course is designed to cultivate a love of mathematics and its application in the 21st Century.


Topics to be covered

Paper 1:
Sequences and Series
Financial Maths

Paper 2:
Coordinate Geometry of the Line
Coordinate Geometry of the Circle


To book a space at the Maths Academy call 091 533500 or return a completed application form (below) to Yeats College, College Road, Galway