English Paper One Wednesday 7th June

Exam Watch 2017

Section 1: Students would have been delighted to see Sole Trader Final Accounts appear, however it was a very long question. Many students who opted to do the 60 mark questions would have been limited in their choice due to question 4 on Departmental Final Accounts of a Sole Trader.
Section 2: Students would have been very happy with the topics examined, Interpretation of Accounts, Service Accounts and Tabular Statements. Students were required to calculate VAT on the Tabular Statement. This is the first time that this was required in this question, however, the well prepared students would have encountered no difficulty with this working.
Section 3: Question 8on Marginal Costing and Question 9 on Production Budget were both straightforward questions.

The Short questions were very fair, broad cover of the curriculum, some questions were quite focused on certain units predominantly unit 7.
The Applied business question was also reasonable and it was clear how many points and relevant links to give for each part of the question, broad range of topics used from the ABQ units 4,5 and 6.
With the Long questions there was great coverage of the business course, nice calculation questions. Very manageable paper and plenty of choice for the students.

Leaving Cert Higher Level Irish
This year's papers were very manageable and student friendly. Paper One had a broad range of topical essays ranging from violence in the World, Homelessness, Scandal in Sport, Political Leaders etc. There really was something for everyone! That said, there were a few challenging questions on the listening comprehension. Some students found the conversations very fast.

Many students were delighted to see the poem Geibheann and the extract Hurlamaboc on Paper Two. Fortunately too, the reading comprehensions were straight forward enough and posed no serious difficulties for students. A relatively nice year for Higher Level Irish. Thankfully there were no major twists or surprises on either paper.

The Higher Level paper was wide-ranging and balanced with lots of choice, which students were delighted with. There was a wide range of topics asked in Short Questions with usual favourites such as weather and landform identification.
The Physical section included a question on landform development, which was very straight-forward, as well as questions on human interaction with surface processes and the formation of karst features.
The Regional section included questions on economic activity in Irish and European regions as well as a map of a Continental/Sub-Continental region which came up last year also.
The Elective was fair with a nice mix of questions. Students would have been very happy with this section.
In the Options section, students will have been pleased with the choice of questions including a question on biomes, which was more specific than recent years.

Home Economics
Students were very happy with the paper today. Topics were wide ranging and topical, including the conditions that are required for obtaining a mortgage today and the factors that influence housing choices. Higher level students were asked about cheese, artisan food producers, obesity in Ireland today and marriage. The home design elective had a lovely question on a house plan while students who opted for the social elective were delighted with unemployment, women in the workforce and emigration. Above all the wording and language used in the paper was straightforward and accessible.

English - Paper One
The Paper One English exam offered plenty of choice for students of varying ability. The general theme of the paper this year was DIFFERENT WORLDS. For the Question B, students were asked to choose from an article for your school’s website, an opinion piece for a newspaper and a radio broadcast. Students were asked to “reflect on the world of your childhood” in one and discuss how people “rely on the online world as a source of news and information” in another. The essay titles were varied and generous. One popular choice seems to have been number three, a speech outlining your views on democracy. There was only one short story option, as opposed to two in previous years, which was unusual. But the essay title asked for “a short story in which a tattoo plays an important part”, which left a lot of scope for a variety of creative approaches. Another surprise in the compositions was title number 5 which asked for “a dialogue in dramatic form”, which was unusual. The three comprehensions were very straight-forward and accessible for most students. There were no surprises in terms of the layout or type of questioning. Overall, a fair, do-able paper with plenty of choice.

The Ordinary Level Paper One exam was a lovely paper with lots of choice. The theme of the paper this year was SCHOOL DAYS. A talk, an article and a letter were the three options to choose from in the Question B, while the seven essay titles also offered plenty of choice.